Puffer is a general purpose 256-bit AES encryption utility for protecting your most sensitive data. Use Puffer to securely exchange email with other Puffer users via the 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange function. Compress and encrypt your data files

MAXA Key Exchanger  v.1.0

The easiest way to send a secure key over an unsecure connection.


Secure End-To-End Messenger  v.1.0 Beta

Secure 2 peers chat/file transfer using Diffie-Hellman key exchange and DES/MD5 encryption. Can negotiate for a key for each message/file, utilizes a Diffie-Hellman Key exchange between 2 peers (one as server and the 2nd one as client). It uses RMI

EMURA  v.0.9

Send encrypted messages with this application. EMURA is a suite of Java applications that allows two users to send encrypted messages back and forth - as a chat. The encryption key is secure and generated using the Diffie-Hellman algorithm.

Radmin Remote Control  v.3.5.1

Radmin is fast remote control software for secure access to remote computer via Internet or LAN in multiple modes: view remote desktop, control remote PC's keyboard and mouse, file transfer, telnet, remote turn on/off, text and voice chat.

SecureBridge  v.8.0

SecureBridge represents clients and servers for SSH, SFTP and SSL protocols as a network security solution. It can protect any TCP traffic using SSH or SSL secure transport layer protocols to provide authentication for client.

SSH SCP Component for .NET

The NetXtremeScp .NET class library offers a number of classes that make the work of transferring files directly from your application using SCP more easily. ScpClient class provides a number of convenience asynchronous methods and events that allow you

BCArchive  v.2. 4. 2001

BCArchiveTM is designed to compress a group of files/folders to a single encrypted file. The following options to encrypt data are implemented: - Create compressed and encrypted archive file protected by password.

Chilkat MIME  v.3.0.3

Create an manipulate MIME and S/MIME messages. -Navigate the MIME message tree structure via the NumParts property and GetPart(index) method. - Retrieve header field names and values. - Add header fields to a MIME message.

Rebex SFTP for .NET  v.1. 5. 2896

Rebex SFTP is a file-transfer component for .NET languages (such as C# or VB.NET) that provides secure file system access over a secure SSH channel using the SFTP protocol.

CrypTool  v.1. 4. 1930

CrypTool is an open-source e-learning application, used in the implementation and analysis of cryptographic algorithms.

[CloseDTalk]  v.1.4.1

[ClosedTalk]TM is a secure VoIP solution for internet talk in total privacy. Features include secure registration and activation, call connection using email address instead of telephone numbers, text chat, address list, call history,

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